CLC is a financial advisory firm registered in the Cayman Islands and specialized in algorithmic trading.

Our technology arm, Central Limit Technologies, is focused on the development and the execution of systematic trading strategies. The team includes experts in statistics, economics, computer science, financial engineering, machine learning, and big data.

By using proprietary algorithms we can run advanced mathematical models in the cloud and execute orders at the rate of milliseconds.

Building Blocks

Risk Management

We use a proprietary mathematical model to manage the automated trades, minimize errors, and quickly stop losses so that tight control is kept at all times.

Data Science

Big Data is at the heart of what we do. Every step of our process employs advanced data science – from collecting the highest-quality data to executing orders.

Artificial Intelligence

We train our Machine Learning algorithms using many years of data so that they will be able to adapt to new and unforeseen market conditions.

Talent and Collaboration

We foster a collaborative environment where our experts are able to share ideas, gain a deeper understanding of market dynamics, and resolve complex issues.

State-of-the-art Technology

We integrate the latest insights and technology globally from academia and the industry.

Simulating the Past and the Future

Before going live on the market, each strategy undergoes rigorous testing using our proprietary market simulation and analysis technology.

Certifications & Partners

Central Limit Technologies

The technology arm of CLC is specialized in the development and execution of systematic trading strategies.

Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA)

The regulatory body which oversees the activities of the fund and most other hedge funds globally is registered in the Cayman Islands.

national future association (NFA)

The NFA Safeguards the integrity of the derivatives markets, protect investors, and ensures that members meet their regulatory responsibilities.
Registration number: 0517234

Ernst & Young - Auditor

One of the top four accountancy companies in the world.

NAV Consulting - Administrator

Is the point of contact for registering new investors and consolidating our trading activity.

dms bank and trust

A boutique bank specialized in hedge funds and financial institutions.
Transactions are executed via the Bank of New York Mellon.


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